Tips To Prevent Fading Hair Dye

If hair dyes don’t stay longer time of periods on your hair then it shows that either you are not using the right kind of dye or you are not taking care of your hair, if you have healthy and strong moisturized hair then you would never face such kind of things, but if you have weak, damaged and unhealthy hair then you would see that they will not keep the shade for longer time of period, cause if they are not healthy and moisturized then they don’t absorb the shade and chemical properly the way they should, so if you have the issue then start looking after you hair right now and now we are shearing some simple tricks to keeping your shades to getting feeding off quickly.

Fading Hair Dye

Wash Your Hair Before Dying: – Always wash your hair before dying and wash with clarifying shampoo because this will wash off all the stronger detergents and other products and let your hair soak the color and let it penetrates deeper in your hair and it then will lasts longer.

Pick Right Shade: – You have to pay attention when you buy the shade, like if you have Jet black hair and you are tying any shade without cut down then this would be the least longer shade ever possible, and normally reds and similar shade wash away within a week or two, so if you want to get a long lasting shade then pay attention what you are actually buying.

After You Color: – When you dye your hair, you should use plain water to wash it off and don’t use shampoos or conditioner, you should wait for 48 hours to shampoo so the dye molecules have time to set in and you should use that is designed for color-treated hair.

Tips To Prevent Fading Hair Dye

Avoid The Sun: – Sun is the most horrible and the most harsh thing that we have on this planet earth, it fed off the natural shade of your hair, so it is very easy for it to burn off the artificial dye, so try to stay in shade and try to use thick conditioner or sunscreen when you go out and you can use umbrella to keep your hair safe.

Stay Safe On Beach: – Sea Salt water raises the cuticle, which lets your hair’s pigment escape and I am not talking about the dye, I am talking about the natural shade and it is even more horrible for your dye too and if it is sunny too then it is the most lethal combination for your hair, stay in shad and stay safe, I am not saying that you should not enjoy your time on beach, just keep the safety in your mind too.