Tips To Styling Curly Hair

There are lots of things that you can do to get beautiful shiny hair style of your hair, you can try so many hair style too and it is according to your hair and your face cut, but toady we are going to give you some simple style that you can use to get beautiful look with your curly hair.

Curly Hair

Everyday Styling: Wash your face and apply thick hair conditioning in your hair for 45 minutes and then wash your hair and tab dry your hair with cotton towel, never ever rub your hair with it, just tab dry and then apply some hair serum in wet hair, and if you want to use brush, which I would say, you should not, but if you really have to then brush your hair and take a cotton pony and make a high bun with your hair an tie that fabric hair bun gripper and spray some styling spray over your hair and go to sleep and then in the morning you just need to untie the bun and rub your finger in smooth and perfectly don’t roles.

Curly Hair-

Glossy Curls: There are lots of variation and lots of styles that you can use to get Glossy Curls, but I would say the one which I am sharing today is the easy one and the best one and will give you a fairytale look.

Curly Hair-0

As you know that you need to make your hair ready with wash and condition and then apply some anti-frizz serum and then let your hair get dry their own without any blow drying and when they are slightly wet you just need to take hot iron or your blow dryer with the diffuser attachment and role your hair with that and make smooth and lose rollers around your face and then you need to spray hair styling spray allover your roles to keep them on their place and then when you unroll then, just set them with your hands and don’t use brush and comp or too harsh hands and if you want to add some softness in your look then you just need to add some artificial or real flower and you would look magnificent.

Special Occasion Updos

Curly Hair-01

Get ready with washed and conditioned hair and we will start with wearing a low bun, for that you just need to tie all of your hair loosely at the nape of your neck and hold it between your thumb and forefinger and keep twisting your hair several times and make a perfect bun shape hairdo and fix them with a elastic band and if you have lose small locks then you can use pins too, but you need to keep your hand soft cause we do want to see your curls and waves around your face and neck and you can use some curls on your neck and around your face deliberately and then spray styling gel and add some fancy pins or floral touch and you are ready to go.