Top 3 Hair Growth Treatments

Top 3 Hair Growth Treatments

Healthy and lustrous hair is the crowning glory of a woman which adds to her charm and beauty.

Top 3 Hair Growth Treatments

While some people have naturally lush, long, luxurious hair, others are not blessed enough and they seek effectual and helpful ways to promote hair growth and improve their hair texture. If same is true for you, your search ends here as we’ve pulled together some trusted, all-natural hair growth treatments.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is a recognized remedy for hair growth. Innately loaded with essential minerals and enzymes, ACV works to stimulate hair by balancing out the natural pH level of the scalp and killing harmful bacteria which may be present in the scalp.

In addition AVC is also known for eradicating dandruff and clearing the clogged hair follicles, two chief factors in holding back the hair growth, and therefore helps hair to grow at a faster rate. You simply have to create a potion by mixing adequate dosages of AVC and water; massage your scalp with it for five minutes and then rinse off as usual.

Herbal Oil Massage

An herbal oil massage is also an excellent way to promote hair growth. Prepare a massage oil mixture by combining basil, rosemary and olive oils together and whisking well. Massage your scalp with this mixture for a few minutes and leave on for fifteen minutes before shampooing.

The natural minerals present in the oils will strengthen your hair and improve its texture along with bringing about hair growth. Moreover, massage treatment will also stimulate regulation in the scalp. Use the treatment thrice a week to get desired upshots.

Protein Treatment

When it comes to encourage hair growth, the benefits of protein treatment can never be overlooked, especially when it is split ends which hinder the growth of healthier hair. Undergoing protein treatment ensures the maintenance of thicker, longer hair. While you can undergo the treatment yourself at home, it is always wiser to get it done from a professional so that you can get better results.