Top 9 Miscellaneous Hair Tips

I love my hair, my hair never ever put me in any kind of embracing situation, I was born with healthy hair and I still have healthy hair, and I pay attention on very small things when it comes to the natural health of my hair, and I am shearing some of my all time favorite tips regarding beautiful hair.

Miscellaneous Hair Tips

1- Conditioner Is For Hair, Not For Scalp: – some people think that Conditioners are pure proteins and it is very good for our hair, and that is very much true, but has nothing to do with your scalp, it will only block the pours of your scalp, so don’t apply it on your head, instead apply Your Conditioner on the Bottom 3/4 of Your Hair and make sure to Concentrating on the Ends, that is where you need to apply Conditioner specially.

2- Glue your Pins with your style: – As I told you earlier, I was born with healthy hair, I have silky straight hair no matter how hard I press my pins they never stick there, they all ways fall down and so does my hair style, so what I do, I spray my Bobby Pins with good hair styling spray and then it not only stick very good in hair, but it keep my style very well.

3- Prevent Split Ends: – If you are keep getting split ends even if you are doing all the nursing and moisturizer, then you might need to have a look at your pillow, you need to switch to silk or satin pillow case immediately, not only for beautiful and younger looking supple skin, but for smooth silky healthy hair.

4- Massage Your Scalp: – I bed you would have heard that during your childhood, my granny use to say, massage your scalp to get beautiful hair, it will increase the blood circulation, and trust me, it is 1001% true.

5- Use a Wide-Tooth Comb:- I personally think that you should give a Chinese Wood comb, and if you can find it then you should at least get the wide tooth comb and it will not only untangled your hair easily, but it will prevent unnecessary hair fall.

6- Brush before You Wash: – You should take your brush and comb your hair for at least 3 minutes prior to every wash and it will not only untangle your hair, but it will peel off all the dandruff and increase the blood circulation.

7- Eat healthy and well balanced diet and make sure to add vegetarian portions in your diet.

8- Drink lots of water every day and when you go for swimming, let your hair absorb the water and if you are enjoying see water then I would say cover your hair with thickest rubber cap you have.

9- Love your hair and take care of yourself,

Best of luck…