Top Six Ways to Control Untimely Graying of Hair

That one gray strand leaves your feel anxious and a bit depressed too. Hair graying is usually associated with aging but aging isn’t the only culprit behind. Some people experience the issue in very early age. In such cases, improper care or any internal disorder leads your hair to become gray. However, the condition can be easily avoided and cured through some home remedies and precaution.

Top Six Ways to Control Untimely Graying of Hair

Here are mentioned top six ways to control premature aging:

Protect It

Sometimes your strands can be very sensitive towards the harsh and polluted outer environment. The heat and chemical exposure while traveling by the road or walking in the sun, take toll on your hair leaving it discolored and lifeless. So, it’s imperative to offer your hair enough protection against the cruel environmental factors while heading outdoors in order to maintain its health and prevent it from going gray prematurely.


Yes, there are several workouts that can help you with the task of combating premature hair-graying. Make it a routine to rub your nails against one another for almost five minutes everyday. This will boost circulation. In addition regular scalp massage with or without oil also helps promoting circulation and making the hair roots stronger.

Intake Vitamin-Rich Food

At times, vitamin deficiency also leads your hair to gray-out untimely. So, consuming vitamin-rich diet encompassing fruits, green leafy vegetables and dairy products help you maintain black hair for long. A mixture of curry-leaf powder and water also found to be very effective in avoiding hair graying if used regularly.

Stress Management

Stress management is another vital step to take when it comes to ward off hair-graying. Whether the stress is physical or mental, it affects your hair’s health adversely. To relieve stress, you should go for relaxing hair spa and massage. Additionally, breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation also help release stress and improve circulation.

Hair-care Products

Choose the hair care products wisely. If you really want to maintain your innate hair color for long, stay away from the products containing abrasive chemicals. Go for more organic alternatives instead such as natural fruit or vegetable extract. Also avoid applying conditioner to the hair roots.

Consult a Physician/Dermatologist

If despite of all the possible efforts, the problem persists and your hair continues to gray, visit a dermatologist ASAP. The physician will figure out the underlying cause of the issue and will recommend the medication accordingly which will certainly produce fruitful results.