Top 5 Beauty Tips Treat Dry Hair Naturally For Silky and Healthy Hair

Dry Hair

We all love to have shiny, silky and healthy hair, but sometime due to some reasons including pollution, straightener, sunlight, hair dyes and blow dryers and all other hair products and hair accessories make our hair look dry and damaged and we might end up with dull lifeless and ugly looking hair for rest of the life, so don’t apply too many products on your hair, shampoo and conditioners are necessary, but don’t style them too much and use all these products you use on your hair and with that you can try these simple home remedies which will not only help you with your dry hair, but will help you get rid of dandruff and other hair issues too and since they are natural so you don’t need to afraid of side affects.

Dry Hair
Top 5 way to best hair treatments for dry hair

01. Eggs: Eggs are one of the healthiest and the most affective source of pure protein and that is why it is very famous to get healthy and beautiful hair, they are not only loaded with protein, but they are very good source of lecithin, which repair and strengthen your hair and give them moisturizer and healthy shin too and to use it for dry hair you need to take three eggs with some coconut oil and two tablespoons of honey and blend well and then massage this mix into damp hair and your scalp well and then cover your hair with shower cap for an hour and then wash out and rinse with plain water and mild shampoo and you can use it three times a week to get moisturizer hair.

02. Avocado: We can make a very healthy mask with avocado which is perfect source of omega 3 and provide a healthy moisturizer level to your skin, scalp and your hair too and for that you need to take one ripe banana and one ripe avocado and mash them well to make a smooth paste and then we will add three teaspoons of coconut oil and massage into your hair and scalp and cover all your hair with that specially the ends and leave for half an hour and then wash it off with mild shampoo and you can try this three times a week to get beautiful hair.

03. Beer shampoo: Beer acts tremendous nourishing hair treatment and contains proteins and you can use it to get beautiful hair, you need to wash your hair first and then apply just a small amount of beer to your hair and rub it well and leave it for one hour and then wash it off with running water, you will feel the beer odor, but it will evaporated soon and it will not only give you shiny healthy hair, but moisturizer your hair and scalp too.

04. Hot Oil Treatment: Hot oil massage is great for your hair and it is very good remedy for dry hair too, you can take any oil you want, but natural oils such as argan, sweet almond, olive, jojoba, castor and coconut oil make excellent treatments to nourish the hair and bring back its natural shine and you can make a mixture of these oils too and warm it up and apply it all over your hair and scalp and rub till it get absorbed and then cover your hair and head with smooth wet worm cotton towel for one hour and then wash your hair with running water and mild shampoo and it will not only increase the growth, but it will make your hair look healthier and moisturized too.

05. Honey: Honey has the ability to trap moisture in your hair, nourish it and leave it feeling soft and shiny and it is naturally loaded with magical properties and for that you just need to wash your hair with shampoo and then apply some hone in your scalp and in your hair and cover your head and hair with shower cap for one hour and then wash it off with plain water and you will love the feel and smell of your hair.

Best of luck.