Treat & Prevent Split Hair Ends

If you actually are trying to get rid of split hair ends then you have to understand the reasons of these split and ruined ends and then you would be able to treat your hair at home, it will take time but then you don’t have to cut your hair, juts need to solve the issues, there are millions of reasons of these dry and dull looking split ends including bad eating habits, excessive use of hair and styling products, use of bad hair accessories and the most common one is the dry and dull scalp and the dehydration, lack of moisturizing and dry skin and we are going to treat these ill and dull skin at home.

Treat & Prevent Split Hair Ends

Here are some simple remedies that you can try to get healthy and beautiful hair at home.

1 Papaya Pack is a very good thing to start the topic as I simple y love the result of Papaya, not only on the hair, but on the skin too and there are millions of reason to add it in your diet too, but now we are going to talk about hair issue and to make this magical hair pack you just need to take half ripe papaya and then peel it and then mash it with fork or blender and then add half a cup of yogurt to it and make a smooth paste of these two things and apply the mixture on your washed hair and you need to apply on the scalp specially for 2 hours at least and then wash it with running water and mild shampoo.

2 Castor Oil is the next thing that I would recommend you to get beautiful hair, it is very healthy and moisturizer and loaded with the hair growth qualities; you just need to mix castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil in equal proportions and apply it over your hair and scalp and rub with your fingers and then cover your hair with swimming or cap for 2 hours and then wash with running water and any baby shampoo.

3 Milk and Cream is a very amazing mixture to get moisturizer and healthy mineral level in your skin or your hair and you can use butter milk for the same purpose too, you just need to mix half a cup of milk in one spoon of cream and blend and beat thoroughly and then apply it all over your hair and your scalp fir 2 hours and then wash it with running water and any baby shampoo.

4 Honey is a have very healthy and effective natural moisturizer and antibacterial agent and it is very good for skin and hair and it is very good for your split ends, just take half cup of curd and mix it with a tablespoon of honey in it and then apply it over your tips of the hair and then apply on the scalp and rub it and then wash it off with running water and shampoo and then you can use it everyday.

5 Beer is a very good for your hair, not only to treat the dry hair, but it is very good to solve almost all kind of hair issues, you just need to start using it as final rinse and then it will not only fulfill the moisturizing requirement.

6 Eat healthy and be hydrated and take healthy mineral and vitamin supplements.