Treat Your Oily Hair At Home For Hair Treatments

If you think that you cannot make your oily hair look beautiful and bouncy then you are wrong we can actually not only clean the oil of our hair but we can actually make them beautiful, shiny and fresh without going to salon everyday and spending so much money for that, here are some homemade recipes for hair treatments for your oily hair.

Treat Your Oily Hair At Home For Hair Treatments

Use Beer for Oily Hair: – I am not kidding; use any old or new beer for your oily hair and this will work for your hair absolutely marvelously. This is a very simple home remedy and came to us form generations to generations and it works every time, you just need to boil one cup of beer until you are left with cup then mix it with your normal shampoo and wash your hair with it and get the amazing results.

Cloves and lemon mask:- if it is getting impossible to style your hair style and make your oily hair look clean an fresh then here is another mask for your oily hair, you just need 4 lemons and 4 cloves and make small slices of lemon and let them boil in one liter water and with the cloves and let the evaporate whole water and you get something that look like a jelly and let it calm down and apply this mask over your hair for best oil hair treatment and wash it after 2 hours and see the difference.

Yogurt and honey mask. We all know that Yogurt and honey is one of the most effective and good natural conditioner and we all know that out hair look oily but that doesn’t mean that we do not need conditioner so here is a mask for your oily hair to provide deep conditioner, mix one cup of yogurt with one tablespoon of honey and mix it like a past and then leave it in your hair for 45-160 minutes and then wash it off with simple regular shampoo wash.

Mint Tea Know the Magic: – We all know that mint is one of the most absorbing antibacterial natural herb that can help your all kind of oils so if you like to use it in your hair then here is one tip, cook handful leaves of mint in 2 glasses of water and let it boil for 20 mints and then mix it with your shampoo and wash your hair with this mixture for best results possible.

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