Two Latest Gray Hair Solutions

Many people wonder is there any efficient way through which they can prevent gray hair? Two latest gray hair solutions are examined in this article.

Why Hair Turns Gray

The main cause behind graying hair is aging. The melanocytes, present at the hair root, create melanin that gives pigment to the hair. But, as you grow old, these melanocytes produce less color and thus your hair starts turning gray.

Gray hairs have some pigment remaining while white hairs completely pigment-less.

The actual process of hair graying is explained in a report published lately by a cancer institute; the report states that during the graying process the melanocyte cells not only deplete but also make blunders as they grow old. So, Melanocyte cells turn into ‘fully committed’ tincture cells but position in the wrong part of the hair follicle, thus cause loss of pigmentation.

Research By L’Oreal on Gray Hair Solutions

Few years back, French cosmetic giant L’Oreal did a research on gray hair solution. Dr. Bruno Bernard, who led the research, announced in 2004 that two genes have been identified by his team, which may have some role in hair graying.

The study was done on melanocytes cells that are responsible for generating pigment melanin to give color to the hair.

Dr. Bernard also claimed that after doing few more research they will be able to offer gray hair solution in the form of oral or topical treatments.

Gray Hair Solution From Shiseido and Kirin Brewery

In June, 2004 a top Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido announced that its research team, in cooperation with Kirin Brewery, has found out an inimitable property of hops extract.

According to the research, the extract of hops helps to trigger the melanocyte cells that produce hair pigment. In addition, hops can control Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF), a genetic material implicated in the activity of melanocyte cells.

Shiseido has planned to introduce new hair care products in the light of this research.