Ways to Add Volume at Crown For Healthy Plus Shiny Hair

Ways to Add Volume at Crown For Healthy Plus Shiny Hair

Heavy and healthy plus shiny hair fascinates everyone, especially the women. Those having thin and fine hair always try to create an illusion of bulky hair.

Ways to Add Volume at Crown For Healthy Plus Shiny Hair
Ways to Add Volume at Crown For Healthy Plus Shiny Hair

Creating volume at the top of your head can give required bounce and lift to your body. By a few techniques you can effectively create body and volume at the tiara of your head.

Use Volumizing Products

Of course, right products are always necessary to create volume at the top of the head. Experiment with the shampoo and conditioner that assure to give your hair the required volume, and also be sure that the product you use is apt for your hair type. You may also choose to use root lifters to get your goal accomplished; again ensure using a product works well with your hair texture and type and also avoid overdoing with it. besides this a variety of other hairstyling products are also there that offer you the much needed volume at the top of your head.

Dye Your Hair

Many of you will be surprised to know that dying your hair also tends to give your hair a remarkable lift. Though we are not suggesting you to dye your hair if don’t do normally, but if you dye your hair, you will notice volume for a number of weeks after you do. Besides dying, addition of lowlights and highlights in tactical spots also help creating false impression of body, thickness and fullness.

Try a New Cut

If you are making effort to understand how to generate volume on the tiara, then it might be a right time to get a new haircut. Some particular haircuts and hairstyles serve effectively to add lots of volume at your hair roots and thus lift your head crown up. Slight layers work much better than heavy layers, so think about mixed or long layers. Blunt cuts also do a great job, so if you are considering getting a bob hairstyle plus you are dying for some extra volume, it’s the perfect time!

A Little Tease, Please

Many hair styling techniques also help you a lot in creating volume at the tiara. Two such most commonly used techniques are teasing and back combing. However, be sure to do it sparingly as doing it excessively or frequently can wreak havoc on your hair curls. Tease your hair just a little before you comb it back. A paddle brush or a bristle one will do the job in a much better way than the fine toothed comb; sweep the brush only where it is required such as at the crown, along the back and on the sides.