Ways To Get Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair is a coloring effect in which the bottom portion of your hair looks lighter than the top portion or exactly the opposite of your original hair color and there are lots of ways to get the look, but the originally it get famous in summer of old times when girls started to cover their hair with hats and bandannas and hot sunshine changed the shade or their uncovered hair naturally and it has been one of the most famous hair colors ever,

Ombre Hair 2013

We are shearing some ways that you can use to get this look at home.

We are not sure if you want to dye your hair with bleach or not, although it is an effective lightener and very safe for virgin hairs or which has not been colored recently, but if you have dry, brittle hair or damaged hair then you should try a milder blonde dye that does not use a harsh bleaching product in it and which not harm your hair too much now you just need to decide which way you are trying and then make a higher ponytail and fix it with rubber bands and pins, cause you need to keep it on the place for longer time of periods and then pull all of the hair in front of your and cover your hair with the dye or bleach and then cover it with sheet and push them back, you just need to cover your ends, don’t cover too much and then allow your hair to absorb the shade for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off to see the requiring shade.

Ways To Get Ombre Hair

If you don’t want to get your hair bleached or you have very blond or very light shad hair which means you need to color your ends to get the Ombre Hair look, then I have some simple suggestions for you, if you have white or silver or golden hair then you can use any shade or red, brown on your hair and if you have very light brown and maroon shade then try to add some blues and some blacks in your hair as it would be the reverse impact and look of Ombre Hair, btw you don’t actually have to follow the trends strictly, you can be crazy if you actually want to like I always say, learn your rules like pro and then break them like artist.