6 Wedding Hairstyles Tutorials With Pretty Accessories Step By Step

Wedding Hairstyles Tutorials

Wedding hairstyles tutorials of long hair like confused what to do with her hair when it comes to the wedding. To save costs, it is better to organize their own hair. You can practice some wedding hairstyles tutorials that suits to the wedding.

Wedding Hairstyles Tutorials

Hair that has been laid out neatly will make you look more graceful. Do not let the already beautiful makeup, dress is okay, but your hair is styled maximum.

Let’s try a variety of Wedding Hairstyles Tutorials!

Wedding Hairstyles Tutorials with pinned pretty accessories

This method is easy. Tie hair, make a hole and insert, bouffant to create volume, then roll and pinned pretty accessories.

Twist Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Band

Which is also similar. Hair band, create models twist the hair on either side of the belt. Rest of the hair can be pinned so small break off.

Twist Wedding Hairstyles with Hair Band in the back bandana

This style is easier. Bandana wearing thin. hair pinned in the back bandana.

Side ponytail Hairstyles tutorials for Wedding formal events

Side ponytail is also suitable for formal events. Wear easy to imitate this style.

curly Wedding Hairstyles tutorials Tie the side and create a break off

Break off the side also okay. Create curly hair, bouffant top to give volume. Tie the side and create a break off. Give hairspray to keep it neat.

small braid Hairstyles tutorials with small accessories pin flower shape

Want to be rich simpler?

Comb your hair neat and create a small braid like this. To be more beautiful, small accessories pin flower shape.